It would appear that the Chrysler LLC minivans will be hitting a fork in their road relatively soon.  In 2013, the company plans on splitting the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country between two markets, leaving only one for Canada and one for the U.S.  According to Reid Bigland, CEO of Dodge Brand, in an interview with The Detroit News, the reason is to keep things simple.  “If we go to one minivan, it would certainly be the Dodge Grand Caravan in Canada, but the Town & Country resonates more strongly here in the U.S., so that’s going to be the van in the U.S.”

The change-up will happen when Chrysler unveils its replacements for its current minivans.  Just like the previous vans, the next generations will share the same underpinnings and be built at the Windsor Assembly Plant.  In Canada, both the Dodge and Chrysler are sold but the Grand Caravan is the clear sales winner.  With a 10-to-1 ratio, it would only make sense to keep the Dodge name alive outside of the U.S. 

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