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Customer Demand Builds A New Focus Variant


Ford Motor Company has always been an automaker for the masses and rightfully so.  Cars such as the compact Focus have been increasing popular in both oversees countries and the U.S. because of their fine balance between quality and inexpensive operations.  As cars continue to roll of the assembly line, consumers have been making requests; so much so that a new Focus variation will be put into the fray.  The demand for the little blue oval wonder have reached levels previously only seen in 2004 and most of that is being seen in sunny California.  On top of that, many owners of a 2012 Focus are becoming so by way of trade-ins said Matt Wood, Dealer Principal at Elk Grove Ford in Sacramento.  “Almost 40 percent of our January Focus trade-ins were import brands. Focus also is bringing in customers that have been out of the market for some time. These buyers are brand new to us.”

The top trim level for the Focus is the technology packed Titanium that includes MyFord Touch and Sync.  The only transmission offered has been the six speed automatic but soon, that will change.  Due to customer demand, the lower tier five speed manual will be offered on the Titanium as creature comforts do not always have to go along with just two pedals.  Ford expects the do-it-yourself Titanium to sell, especially to automotive enthusiasts who prefer the control of a clutch and shifter.

Source: Ford

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