A voluntary recall will soon be issued on certain models of the all-new Honda Civic. The reasoning stems from a manufacturing issue in where the a vital step in completing the vehicle’s rolling system wasn’t taken. When assembling the front driveshaft, the process required to seat the driver side component and set the retaining clip went unfinished. This means that the driveshaft might not be properly secure and as a result of simple driving, it could separate from the transmission.

The problem surrounds only 2012 model year Civics. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), so far there are approximately 50,190 Hondas at risk. With the separation able to happen in a variety of situations, a Civic could break while moving or while parked and thus, roll away. To remedy the problem, Honda will notify owners starting on or around June 21 and instruct them to take their cars to certified dealerships. There, technicians will inspect and if needed, replace the driver’s side driveshaft. The fix will take place at no extra cost to owners.

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