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Saab Hits a Personal Facebook Milestone


In the midst of everything that is happening to Saab, there is still a grouping of people who honestly believe in the brand.  Recently, Saab’s official Facebook page earned 100,000 “fans”: a personal best for the company.  Not huge compared to others but impressive considering the sheer volume of drama that has surrounded the brand in recent months.  This milestone simply goes to show that Saab is truly a niche company and has some of the most loyal fans in the industry.  The page itself was originally started by an enthusiast with no official affiliation to the company other than driving their cars.  After building 13,000 fans on its own, Saab bought the page in 2009. 

“Our oldest Facebook friend is every bit as important as the most recent one,” said Knut Simonsson, Vice President of Brand and Marketing at Saab Automobile.  “We have always had a significant online presence for a company of our size, with much of it being fan-driven. To reach over 100,000 fans on Facebook is further testimony as to how much our fans like to associate themselves with our company.”  In the past few days, Saab fans have uploaded and shared more than 1,200 photos of their favorite cars.  The company then took those photos to build larger mosaics, which are available to download on Saab’s Flickr page. 

Source: Saab

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