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    Assembly of car audio in the process of the following points should pay special attention to: First, the treble to try to close to the tenor, if left too far, there will be serious off-frequency phenomenon. If coaxial china car speaker, which is placed in the treble treble, can effectively reduce the frequency, phase is easy to grasp. Secondly, if the car space is small, remember not to use the three-way design, due to frequency handover error affecting the sound field positioning. Third, the directivity of the treble position absolutely determines the location and depth of the sound field, to test more different locations. Fourth, the middle part of the high-quality unit to select the low frequency to 80hz to create a dynamic performance to the front of the sound field. Fifth, the use of machine, measurement and measurement is correct. In addition, the door should be coupled with shock-absorbing plate, to prevent low-frequency noise caused by the sound field.

    After meeting the above basic requirements, the high, middle and woofer directions are all well matched, and then the instrument can be tuned to obtain high-quality sound in the car.

    Good sound design, installed, of course, must also take care of the overall beauty of the car. In this regard, popular in recent years is the fiber decoration. High plasticity of the fiber, according to different china car speaker and other location design, make a different shape of the curvature, greatly improving the aesthetic appearance of the car. Making the car not only has a good sound, but also for car audio assembly to provide greater play space.

    The economic and practical car audio players may wish to step by step purchase equipment, this method can not suddenly purse bleeding, and can be assembled to good equipment. However, this method, the first player to plan an investment plan, list the entire purchase list, according to the urgency of the arrangements have purchased components. So gradually purchased, and finally can be purchased for the car to good equipment, get the highest sound enjoy.Gasgoo has a lot of matching original speakers such as Ford,BMW and Benz ect.

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