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is there any potential to launch a portal for used cars free listing

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    Surat was launched in May 2018 by Mr. Ashvin Sonani, a Surat-based eCommerce enthusiast, avid domain investor and one of the pioneers in this industry. Mr. Sonani has been credited on many platforms for his great contribution in Indian eCommerce platform since 1999.

    Ashvin has registered a domain name Please login to see links and more information. in the year 2015 by having a concept to develop this domain as an automotive informative portal, later he conceptualized it in 2018 by developing a portal for new and used car sell, auto accessories, car tips, car valuation, service centers and workshop info across India.

    The information available on are free and an authentic and with the latest updates from the industry. There is no listing fee or commission on any car buy or sell. It’s easy to upload a car for sale, a person with limited knowledge of computer or mobile could easily upload the car sale listing. Besides the car’s buying and selling, also provide other information like car comparison, car dealers, authorized service centers, workshops, spare-parts dealers, tire shops, car tips, car valuation, car insurance, accessory outlets and so on. In short, there is all information related to a car is available on is being very much popular in India for it’s very simple and user-friendly features,

    we are going to launch a portal for car related info including compare, price, dealers, workshop and used car listings, Please help us to grow here. Your every click and recommendation will help us a lot!



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