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    It is understood that the current china car GPS system focused on the outstanding performance in three major areas. Among them, GPS quality problems mainly in the positioning accuracy is low, poor sensitivity, the signal is often lost, can not navigate. At the same time, the brand china car GPS loaded with different operating software, often a variety of problems. Some cottage goods, navigation software, poor performance, often crash, people bored annoying. In addition, some navigation software lack of path reset function, resulting in deviation from the scheduled route, the navigation system will only repeat the " Please turn around ", and will not be reset path, and eventually lead to panic.

    Of course, the most prominent china car GPS map problem. Many owners use the navigation device encountered because the old map can not reach the destination of the situation, but also often an important traffic signs are not updated, resulting in illegal driving or detour drivers take the wrong way. Once the updated version of the map, regardless of 4S shop or professional navigator stores, the basic will not take the initiative to inform the owner.Do not blindly trust car GPS,but can trust Gasgoo recommend for you.

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