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    In cars, the parking brake, also called china hand brake, emergency brake, or e-brake, is a latching brake usually used to keep the vehicle stationary. It is sometimes also used to prevent a vehicle from rolling when the operator needs both feet to operate the clutch and throttle pedals. Automobile hand brakes usually consist of a cable directly connected to the brake mechanism on one end and to a lever or pedal at the driver's position. The mechanism is often a hand-operated lever (hence the hand brake name), on the floor on either side of the driver, or a pull handle located below and near the steering wheel column, or a (foot-operated) pedal located far apart from the other pedals.

    The most common use for a parking brake is to keep the vehicle motionless when it is parked. Parking brakes have a ratchet locking mechanism that will keep them engaged until a release button is pressed. On vehicles with automatic transmissions, this is usually used in concert with a parking pawl in the transmission.

    China hand brake are also used to assist in hill starts on vehicles with manual transmissions. Use of the handbrake frees both feet for use on the accelerator and clutch pedals, allowing the car to move off without rolling back at all.

    China hand brake are never used to slow the vehicle when it is in motion, as doing so generally locks only the back wheels and sends the car into a handbrake turn. Handbrake turns are often used in street racing to initiate drifting, but such a maneuver is often seen as an error among regular road users, and is dangerous in many situations.Car chassis repairs, including the related vulnerability of the three systems under the chassis system, including brake pads, brake shoes, steering booster, clutch, steering gear components. Here you can find high-quality chassis components to meet your needs.

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