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    What is a power inverter?

    Power inverter on the car is about 12V (24V diesel vehicles) DC 220V AC for home conversion, for small household electrical appliances in the car using electronic equipment. china power inverter is divided into two kinds, one is connected cigarette lighter, and the other need to install their own lines. It is recommended to select the cigarette lighter-type power inverter, so no need to change the original car line, simple and convenient.

    How to choose for your inverter?

    1. Power selection

    For ordinary family car, buy a maximum power of 200W in the following inverter is completely sufficient. The vast majority of household car 12V power supply used by the insurance are less than equal to 20A, the maximum also allows about 230W of electrical appliances, and some older models, insurance, the maximum allowable current of only 10A, so buy china power inverter can not Only coveted high-power, select the appropriate power of the optimal.

    For some outdoor workers, it is the need to use high-power electrical appliances crowd, you can choose to directly connect the battery inverter. This inverter can be used for 500W or even higher electrical use, can drive a small motor and some frequently used 1000W photo soft box.

    2. Output interface

    Power selected, depends on the inverter's own output interface. At present, a lot of electrical appliances used in the three-pin plug, which requires a three-hole inverter interface, in addition, USB interface is also useful, so the best choice of three interfaces have the inverter.

    3. Output waveform

    According to the different output current waveform, vehicle inverter is divided into pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter. Among them, the pure sine wave inverter power supply stability, the common electrical appliances can basically be a good drive, but the higher prices, some high-end inverter output 220V AC power quality even higher than the daily electricity. The modified sine wave is actually closer to the square wave, the output current quality is poor, but in most cases stability can be guaranteed for ordinary consumers to buy.

    4. Protection function

    When you buy a china power inverter, be sure to confirm whether it has over-voltage shutdown, undervoltage shutdown, over temperature protection, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection functions, these functions not only provide protection to the inverter itself , More importantly, to avoid damage to electrical equipment.Come to Gasgoo to buy the most suitable for your power inverter.

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