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    Compressor is a kind of machinery which compress gas and enhance gas pressure at the same time. It is widely used in many fields, such as HVAC, refrigeration cycle, industrial driving power, silicon chemical industry, petrochemical industry and natural gas transportation.

    According to its operational principle, can be divided into positive displacement compressor (or displacement) and gas-powered compressors:

    Volumetric Please login to see links and more information. introduce gas into a confined space, which increases the internal pressure by compressing the spatial volume of the original gas and converts the mechanical energy into pressure energy. According to its different compression methods, can be divided into reciprocating, rotary, spiral, spiral and so on.

    Gas-powered Please login to see links and more information. is the use of impeller high-speed rotation, forced gas flow to produce high-speed kinetic energy, and in the process through the booster ring, and then through the increase in cross-sectional area of the air flow rate reduced, making gas kinetic energy into pressure energy So that the pressure rise. At present, this type of compressor has centrifugal, axial flow and so provide the top 50 automotive compressor suppliers in china.

    According to lubrication, can be divided into: oil-free Please login to see links and more information. and oil lubrication air compressor. Based on performance, can be divided into: low noise, variable frequency, explosion-proof. According to performance, can be divided into: fixed, mobile, closed.

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