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    Cold weather in winter, many people used to enter the car immediately on the heater and china auto fan to open, wait for an instant to warm up, but the heater system can not only open the switch off as simple as there are many misunderstanding is the owner does not know, to understand these Knowledge, can really use the car warm air properly.

    1. Car just started to open heater

    Winter engine has just started, the temperature of the water tank is still very low, then open the heater, not only can not quickly raise the car temperature, but increased the burden on the engine, delayed the normal increase in engine temperature.

    It is recommended to start the engine warm-up, and other engine temperature pointer to the middle position, and then open the heater, while the air circulation is set to external circulation, so that the car's cold air excluded vehicles, waiting for 3-5 minutes, the air circulation Set to the inner loop.

    2. Press the AC key to turn on the warm air

    Press the AC button is to start the compressor, popular that is to open the air-conditioning, and heating is not required to press the AC key. Because the heating is the original distribution of heat through the tank to transfer part of the car into the open air, so need to offset part of the engine power, heating is not affected power.

    3. Open the heater will increase fuel consumption

    Many owners worry about fuel costs as much as possible to avoid less open heater, it is not. The car heater is the cooling system of the engine in the process of cooling the engine is a small china auto fan to heat into the car; in the heating is turned off, the china auto fan stops, while the heat sealing off, the heat will be scattered into the atmosphere. Therefore, the car heating is waste recycling, will not consume oil.Gasgoo helps you to find the right applicable method and china auto fan.

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