NEED A MOTORCYCLE MECHANIC HELP KAWASAKI KX80 DIRT BIKE please help me? topic posted in Kawasaki Motorcycles Forum

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Motorcycles' started by paul h, Apr 8, 2008.

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    i have a 1997 kawasaki kx80 dirt bike. i bought the bike off someone and they blew it up. i rebuilt the top end and put a new pusher clutch in. theres something wrong with the clutch. when i start it up and shift in to gear it feels like its in neutral. then when i pull the clutch lever the clutch engages and the bike goes but the bike keeps reving high and goes real slow. i adjusted the cable and it pulls good and the clutch arm is in good working order. when i pull the clutch it pulls the acuater arm like it should so its not the cable. i also took the clutch apart and put it back together the way it should (repair book) i have no clue whats wrong some one please help me

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