1988 Honda Shadow 800 drive train problem?


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This bike has been female owned and garage stored since new (never driven over 60 mph)When driving this bike everything is fine until you let off of the throttle and then throttle back up (easy or hard does not matter). When this is done the bike starts to shake and the more you hit the throttle the worse it gets, acts as if the bike is having a seizure!! (that may sound stupid to you but it really acts that way). If the bike is downshifted and throttled up it is fine (until you let off and get on it again). I have been riding for over 30 years and have never had a bike do this to me unless it was a loose chain and this is a shaft drive. So far done, bled clutch, pulled clutch and inspected, checked to see if the clutch basket assy everything seems to be fine, pulled rear wheel and drive assy and inspected, all seems fine. What am I missing here??
any and all help with this matter is greatly appreciated.
Thanking You in advance, Chuck