95 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight just cuts off?


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How would I figure out the problem? I'm not sure if its the coilpack, MAP sensor or something else with timing. I'll drive to work almost get there - 20 miles or so and it cuts off on me and won't start again. I can come back like 14-24 hours later and it cranks up and drives away. I don't know anything about the car or when anyone worked on it last really. Can anyone help me out?

April W

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I had a camaro do the same thing. I could chane the camshaft position sensor and it would help for a couple weeks, then it would burn out another one. Come to find out the camshaft was warped, so i sold it. Try the sensor first.


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hum 3.8 liter lets see how many of those ignition modules have i changed uh hundreds! you could start there or take it for a diagnostic.

Will S

If you know nothing about cars, as you've stated, I'd suggest taking the car to a reputable repair facility and have the problem diagnosed. Your car is OBD1 and auto zone and others most likely wont be able to help you for free. The average cost for an engine diagnostic would run anywhere between 80-125 dollars.