A problem with my Daihatsu Cuore 2005 model car.?


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I have a 2005 model Daihatsu Cuore car.Its engine type is ED-10, OHC, 3 Cylinder (CARBURETTOR) 847cc.It runs on CNG as well as petrol. After I first bought this car, it worked superbly for a year but now it has started giving some problems which are mentioned below.Hope you guys'll come up with a solution!
1.In the morning when I start the car and take it out, the engine stops every time accelerator is released and clutch is pressed.This goes on for a while until the engine reaches its optimum working temperature.After this it works fine.This also happens when the car is a little low on CNG.I took my car to mechanic and he adjusted its Idling and cleaned the point and the spark-plugs.After these adjustments, it worked okay for a week or so and then again started giving the same problems.(This problem only arises when the car is running on CNG.Performance on petrol is satisfactory)
2.It doesn't start on the first 2-3 attempts.Then a very long self cranks up the engine.