Avoid Car Tire Maintenance And Explosion Protection Methods

Check the situation before the car. The most basic requirement for driving is to turn around the car in front of the car, check the condition. But unfortunately not many people willing to do so, that is superfluous. In fact, this is considered very irresponsible. Before the start of the car, be sure to check the condition, take a look at the tire gas is not enough, best tyres are not damaged. Such a take a minute of the car inspection process, allows us to grasp the details of the current situation, to ensure a safe way.

Installation of tires detection system. Many high-end cars, have best tyres inspection system. In the car during the process, you can monitor the fetal condition. When the car out of gas or leakage and other abnormal circumstances, you can know the first time, and thus prevent the occurrence of puncture.

Regularly clean tires. Tires and ground contact, it is easy to attach sediment in the tires, stones and other dirt. When you see these tires on these attachments, it is necessary to clean up in time to avoid remaining on the tires, when the car is running again, these residues continue to wear tires, which led to tire tires.

Replace the best tyres on time. No matter how good the way is to extend the service life, but can not let the tire is not bad forever. So every tire has a service life, when the tires to travel to the required mileage, you need to replace the time. Some people feel the mileage, but the tires are still better, choose not to change the tires. In fact, this is very dangerous. Although the pattern is still, but can not guarantee that the tire rubber is not partially oxidized. So in order to safety travel, to prevent puncture, we must promptly replace the new tire.

Car tire gas enough. The gas in the tires is like the blood of the human body. Gas foot, the tire looks the spirit, the car is also chic up. Especially in the long-distance driving process, if the car tire gas is insufficient, it will lead to tire pressure is not big enough, with the extension of driving time, tire and road friction, heat accumulation, in the case of insufficient pressure, very easy to burst fetal. Therefore, each trip must ensure that car exhaust gas to foot.

Tire filled with the right amount of nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert gas, the physical and chemical properties are very stable. Compared with ordinary air, nitrogen will not be on the tire metal axis and rubber surface caused by oxidation. At the same time in the high temperature conditions, the nitrogen volume will not be significantly changed. Therefore, the amount of nitrogen filled, the cost is not high conditions, can effectively protect the tire to prevent the occurrence of puncture.

Tire inflated to adapt to environmental conditions. The gas in the tire is very sensitive to the temperature change, the summer temperature is high, the gas is easy to expand at high temperature, so the gas in the tire should not be too full to prevent the heat accumulation during the running, the gas is inflated, causing the puncture; , The temperature is low, the tire in the gas will be more than the summer, so as to ensure adequate air in the tire to avoid puncture. In addition, according to the winter and summer weather conditions, the use of different types of tires, so as to further protect the safety of traffic.

Stop to pay attention. Tire maintenance and explosion, not only the car driving the process of things, but also by the impact of car parking. In the summer, the car to park in the shade, to prevent the sun burning sun.

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