Dodge Or Chevy?

meagan k

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okay i need some guys help with this one. my fiance will be getting a new truck in a few years or whenever i get my car paid off and he can't decide between a dodge or a chevy. he's been wanting to get a dodge ram for a long time but since they've been coming out with the new chevys, he likes those too and i think he should stick with dodge but i don't know much about trucks so what do you guys think he should do?
also, could you tell me why you chose the one you did?
he's looking for something, (actually i'm looking too) that will not give him problems months down the road, something reliable and fairly good on gas.


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If he has been a fan of dodge ram for a long time, i think he should stick to that. You never know they might come out with a new dodge ram. Plus Dodge ram has a lot of torque.


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I know quite a few people who have bought dodges instead of other trucks and have told me that they regret it. Of course evryone has their own preference but if your really looking for the better route you should look at the things that are important to you in whichever truck you pick. Chevys do have a very reputable name and i know that they can last a lifetime, literally. let me know what you decide on. :)


It depends on the reason for which he wants to buy it.
And i am a Chevy girl form many days and i havent faced any of the problem but yes i have heared that to keep Chevy running needs more credits as compared to Dodge.


my dad always picked chevy over dodge for general quality. plus jd power just posted its initial quality rankings and chevy outranked dodge in every category. good luck