Engine Oil By Type


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Hey guys,
I am discussing here how to find right Oil for your engine.
Engine oil typically consists of about 80% base oil and 20% performance additives. The performance additives include anti-wear additives, antioxidants, dispersants and detergents that keep the engine clean, and viscosity index improvers that ensure the oil maintains an optimum viscosity throughout the engine’s operating temperature range. The base oil carries these additives to where they are needed, and provides vital cooling to engine components, by drawing away heat. Base oils can be either mineral or synthetic, and engine oils can contain all mineral base oil, all synthetic base oil, or a mixture of the two. Engine oils containing a mixture are typically described as part-synthetic.
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This is such a great information, especially for car owners. Choosing the right engine oil is a vital process to make sure that our car will work efficiently on the road. Knowing these details will give us a huge advantage to use the right engine oil for our cars. Thanks for sharing this kind of stuff! Will definitely share this with my friends :)