Help, I got into a car accident with a porsche cayenne?



I am 21 years old and last nite I was driving in my dads cayenne and when all of a sudden i slipped on a piece of ice, slammed on the break and the car slid right into a mazda 3 hatchback, wasn't going that fast or anything.
The porches damage was substantial, damaged the bumper and broke one of the lights, the mazda 3 however was severely damaged, broken tail lights, broke back glass and major dent in trunk.
I live in Montreal, quebec, canada where we have no fault insurance, not quite sure what that is perhaps you could explain that to me. Can they sue me, the accident was my fault, no doubt about that. The deductable on my dads car is 3000 dollars, anything over our insurance company, allstate pays, what do you think the deductable is on the mazda, I estimate around 500 dollars.
It was my first car accident, i was horrified, i'm so nervous, what happens next?
Has anyone else ever gotten into a big accent, please help me?
the other guy has insurance 2, it was a kid driving his dad dealership car.