honda credit motorcycle repossession?


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I recently bought a bike with a honda credit card.. i am not going to be able to make the payment on the bike.. i know that when you buy something with a credit card its usually unsecured and they cannot come and get what you bought .. the company just writes it off. But with a motorcycle... on a Honda credit card... they did put a lien on the bike but i was told sometimes they wont even come get the bike and just leave the lien on there.. anyone know how that works???

Lisa S

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NO idea, any chance you can sell the bike and repay what you owe to the credit card company...if you do this then when you are able to afford a bike again you will have the option of paying for it in the same manner.
If you get a lien on your bike it will be hard to sell and your credit is going to be marred.
then when the newest version of a bike comes out that you want, you wont be able to finance it.


it is like a car in that the bank holds the title to the bike. that means that they placed a lien on the bike until the loan is paid. they own it and they can take it back if the loan defaults. sorry to hear the bad news... good luck


Really its an interesting information. Well now mostly peoples are using credit cards, and also take advantages of different facilities provided by the company.