I am considering buying a used Motorcycle Ninja Kawasaki....?


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It has been sitting in the garage for about 3 years without being turned on at all. It is my girlfriend's sister's bike but soon after she bought it her father pulled the ground cable out and has not been moved since. what are the probable engine issues with a motorcyle like this and is it worth buying it and getting it repaired? Selling for 1000. Not sure of engine size.


You forgot to mention what year the bike is. And we need to know what size it is. These are very important to whether it is worth it. Repair cost will differ. Don't trust in advise that doesn't have all proper information taken into consideration.

Just a side note. I had a 89 Chevy Beretta that I kept at my house after I got other cars. It was going to be a derby car, but never got around to converting it over. Anyway, it sat for over a year in upstate NY. I didn't do anything to store it, it just sat. So when I went to get it going again (needed a winter car) it cost me $35 for a new battery. That's it, it fired right up. I filled the tank up and just drove it. It is a V6 and is pretty high in mileage. The point is, the time it sat may not of had too much effect. If there is no visual rust/corrosion on important engine parts it may not be bad. But whether it is worth it, I stand by my original statement.

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well before you buy have a mechanic check it out and then get an estimate on how much to get it fixed then make an offer but its should still be a good bike if it was grounded so soon after being bought you might have to drain and clean the oil filters and change the plugs but it sounds like a good deal