Is Porsche Cayenne a good car?

Mervin McGee

New Member
The performance on the Cayyne S is spectacular, its def. faster than most sedans on the road with 385hp. It handles really well to, for a SUV. If i want to drive aggresive and overtake cars, its got the acceleration, power, speed, and handling to get the job done quickly and smooth. The looks are real sporty, and thats why I got it, but thats mainly going to be your own opinon. The cabin is very luxurious, better than rival mercedes, rangerovers, audis, and bmws i think. The trim and finish to everthing is in detail and perfect. The car looks very well inside and out, and its a def. a good car. Everyone that says the car isnt good, probably doesnt know what a good car is anyways. If you really want Performence look at the Cayyene Turbo. That car has some serious power. I claim its faster than a stock 911, but according to the numbers its not. Go test drive the cars at your local dealership to get a better understanding of the cars, you can only imagine how great the Porsche is, you have to see for yourself! You well be impressed.