LEXUS LS 460 L flagship car?

Bryan C

New Member
Yeah, me like it too, me like ALOT.....

Yeah, buy it, please buy it. Sexier that BMW 7, Audi A8, JAG, MB Sclass, perhaps only the Maserati Quatroporte looks better... but the Mazer costs like 120large.

Actually that Benz would be tough to turn down, but if i had ythat $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ here, i'd splash it on the Lexus

get er done

Drive PZEV!

It received the highest road test score ever from Consumer Reports: 99/100. It's a great car.

Chad D

If you have the money sure. You should also try out the S550 and Audi A8 as they are the other top cars in that category(the 7-series is a bit old in the teeth).