lexus rx 300 suv.... and dodge ram 1500 crew cab.... are they worth the $$$$??


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based upon the following info, do you think this is a real good - good - fair buy.
it is a 1999 lexus rx 300 4wd suv with 159,000 miles for $10,000.00.
it has a moonroof, leather inter, in great shape from what i am told, clean in and out, good set of tires, front and side air bags, fully loaded and all that good stuff & with a good paint job.
is lexus GOOD for 159,000 +++++ miles??
also, does 22 mpg hwy & 19 mpg city sound good?? or should it be better??

and on the dodge - it's a 2002 dodge ram 1500 4wd crew cab 4 door.
it is 15,000.00 with 79,000 miles. looks like brand new with all the extra plus tow pkg and aluminum tool box on the back.
do you think 15,000.00 is a good deal based on the info?

any additional info would help on both!!
Oh come on!!!! That is an overpriced Toyota Rav4 with a gold trim. Only a fool will fall for that. Now, when parts breaks, you will see what I am talking about. A steering pump for $1000 or a Dodge pump for $250. You will have more fun with the Dodge and waste less money than that money pit Mercedes Benz Wannabe.

See if a Lexus is auction out like a good Chrysler or even a Beemer or a Mercedes Benz... No matter how much bling they put still a Toyota Econo Box with gold trim.

You like the stile, get a Toyota not that. That is the rich people Toyota.
I'd buy the Dodge if its got a V8. Its got half the miles so its going to last you a lot longer. There is no way I pay $10k on something with 159k miles on it.

Fl1959 - Its a 1/2 ton. No diesel.
and has the most flexibility too. PICKUPs can actualy get better gas mileage than full size or mid-size SUVs. Because it is half the body weight 90% of the driving time or unlit you carry a load in it.

The truck would be the SMARTER BUY over the LEXUS concerning the mileage and year. Al thou the LEXUS is a Japanese vehicle. When it Comes to the American Pick UPS they last just as long or longer than imports.

The LEXUS has 159.000 miles on it. So think they last about 200.000 mile so your ready to give up $10K for a vehicle that could need major service in about 42.000 more miles.
YEA this is a RIP OFF $10K can get you in a newer year LEXUS with lower miles if thats what you want.

The Dodge has lower miles and is a newer vehicle but to be sure check the SERVICE records or that it has been well maintenance. That's applies to both Vehicles.
Things like the Water pump, brakes, alternator, battery, fan belts, hoses, vaccum lines,tuneups, ect......

I would look at the Lexus and think about what I'M going to use it for, like more work and play or around town styling and getting the Oohs from friends while having a little flex ability.

The truck will be easier to resell over the Lexus if needed. I find it harder to sell an import with very high mileage they are in demand because of gas prices and maintains tuneups
but think when you pull up to the gas station the people are not going to cut the price in half just because your driving a V6 import or even a 4cylinder. We all pay the same.