What did Really nani do to Arsenal in the FA cup Triumph?


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I was watching 'my reds' demolishing the fragile gunners, i saw that great skills from the young magician Nani, but it just doesn't klick on my mind if there was anything wrong with that? hasn't arsene wenger saw of Anderson's in ''trick box''.. he should learn the hummiliating defeates lather than giving nasty excuses like that... he's mad!!!


He outplayed and outskilled any Ar$e player he faced, and of course he showed his ball skills as well, Mr Ar$e Wenger couldn't handle that so he spat his dummy again and said that he doesn't like to see skill and class on the pitch against his players so he told them to try to kick us off the pitch, of course they failed with that as well. Why can't we get the old Arsenal back, when they lost they did so with pride, when they won they did it gloriously, then they got a cry baby for a manager. take care and good luck.