What is Mercury Morris's problem?


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Mercury Morris from the '72 Dolphins has denied the significance of New England's 38-35 victory, unlike the majority of the Dolphins players and coaches from that team.

Morris said. "It doesn't matter to me whether or not they win them all because it doesn't affect anything we've done."
"When all the dust clears, the best they can do is to stand beside us, and in the end, that's not a bad thing," Morris said.

I'm sorry Mr. Morris, but if the Patriots do go on and win the Super Bowl this season, they WILL become the best team in NFL history by going 19-0; which is better than your 17-0 record. To me, they won't be beside you in the NFL record books, they will be on top.
That is my thought, what do you think?

Joe Rockhead

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He's so addled by drug and alcohol use that, if the Pats go 19-0, he'll lose the only thing left that he has to hold on to.

stephen k

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Well, let us see what happens over the next three games, OK.

I think no one wants to see a record equalled. Let mercury say as he feels


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hes probably high or keeps thinking about the huge c0ck he used to get in prison,either way,hes a hasbeen and a fool,forget him.


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i think you are a moron. he's exactly right.. the best the patriots can do is stand beside them in the undefeated circle. there is no "doing better than" in this season. why are pats fans so mentally deficient that they can't understand?... i suppose we should give you 14 year olds a break

Darth Brady

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Who cares? Morris is just ticked off because people no longer care about the 72 Dolphins. I don't think it is really about the record, this is about Morris's ego.