What Is Use Of Oil



Why we use Motor oil, engine oil, engine lubricant in vechicle


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Motor oil is used for lubrication of internal combustion engines. The main function of motor oil is to reduce friction and wear on moving parts and to clean the engine from sludge (one of the functions of dispersants) and varnish (detergents). You can find more details report at http://ceesty.com/wXoGBs


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Motor oil is a lubricant used in internal combustion engines, which power cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, engine-generators, and many other machines. In engines, there are parts which move against each other, and the friction wastes otherwise useful power by converting the kinetic energy to heat.
Motor Oil, Engine Oil or Lubricants provide the same benefit to our car which is to lubricate the inner components of internal combustion engines. They just differ on its terms used by car owners. Engine or motor oil also protects the internal combustion engines against corrosion and keeps them cool upon using the vehicle. Generally, these products prevent problems from arising when the car is in use as well as ensuring the functionality of the internal car parts. Hope this helps!