what kind of exotic cat should i get example tiger,lion,jaguar,cheetah?

el dudeerino

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i have a farm that houses exotic african and south american mammals i want to get some kind of cat so what will it be?????????


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I would get a cougar, they are very rarely seen and are about the size of a fox when they are young. It is really cool to have a farm like that, I really appreciate all the people like you tht are helping out the animals of the world!!!!

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Exotic cats are NOT good pets. Most people buy them because they are beautiful, but they need to consume LARGE, EXPENSIVE quantities of meat. Most of these animals end up abandoned to zoos, who often haven't the room to keep them. If they are not lucky enough to be accepted by the few sanctuaries that provide for these abandoned animals, they are euthanized. The large cats are also endangered, esp. the American couger, and cannot be wasted on a humans animal collection.
I also have large acreage, and love exotic animals, ex. peacocks swans and wallabies. They are NOT kept in cages all of their lives. You would HAVE to keep a large cat confined. If they got out and killed livestock, or a human, the law would shoot them. You would be personally liable fortheir camage and could face time in prison.
Tippi Hedren, mother of Melanie Griffith, a movie star, kept a male lion as a pet when Melanie was a child. It was tame, and well-confined, but a large flood came and the lion was freed. The lion was scared, naturally, and the neighbors felt threatened. The police were forced by law to empty all their pistols, shotguns and rifles into the animal, which was killed in front of the children. She is now the owner of a large habitat for big cats in California, called Shambala, which cares for abandoned big cats, and there are more abandoned cats than she can keep. This is true and verifyable information. See www.shambala.org for more information.
By purchasing an exotic cat, you encourage a trade that is cruel, and unregulated. There is a Federal law, The Captive Wildlife Safety Act, H.R. 1006, passed the House Committee on Resources in July, after Tippi and others testified in Washington in favor of the bill at a committee hearing on June 12. It passed the full House on November 19, 2003. As S. 269, it UNANIMOUSLY passed the Senate on October 31, 2003. And it was signed into LAW on December 19, 2003 by President George W. Bush!!!
The law was passed after a sad, but common accident. "Just one week after the tragic death of a 10-year-old North Carolina boy, who was mauled by his aunt's 400-pound pet tiger, President George W. Bush, on December 19th signed into law the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, a new federal law to outlaw the interstate transport of big cats for the pet trade. Tippi played a critical role in its introduction and final enactment, and at phases in between. It's a measure that should dramatically combat the alarmingly widespread problem of private citizens keeping the great cats in backyards, basements, and even closets." see www.shambala.org.
As a cat lover for many years, and a person who has the money and space to do what you are considering, I understand your desire to have a big cat. They are awesome! I understand that you believe you can keep them well. But, if you truly love them, your money would be better spent trying to preserve their habitats in the wild. NONE of the cats you mentioned should be caged or confined. They are all on the endangered or threatened species list. PLEASE, do not do this.
If you must, please do not buy the cat from an exotic pet trader. Contact the American Humane Society, and take a cat whose owners have abandoned it.


you shouldnt get any but if ou do you should get one that has been abused or some thing