Where can I get new Cylinder Head Bolts for my 1993 Daihatsu Applause, HD-E engine.?

Corry C

New Member
I snapped a Head Bolt, so I think I shouldn't use the original ones. I need new ones, I could proberly get them from Daihatsu but just in case I can't I am asking if anyone knows where else I might get them. I live on the Central Coast, NSW. So close to home would be good!
To some people it may seem better to get a new car but not all of us have the luxury of spending money they don't have. I don't need to go into it but my circumstances prevent me from buying a new car. It is more cost effective for me to fix the one I have.


There is a good wrecking yard just north of Doyalson. They will have a shipload of bolts, even if you have to buy the whole head. But most wreckers will be able to help you.