Where to buy Porsche model cars?


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I am looking for 1:18 scale only, Porsche Model cars. i have looked at a bunch of places like autoarts online store, but a simple model is $95 which isnt that much, but i couldnt buy two or three like that. If you know anything about Porsche's im looking for a:
Martini 917 LongTail
Porsche 908
2.1Carrera RSR
996GT3 MkII
993 Turbo
2.7 Carrera RS
Early Pre-1973 911 or 901

I also am interested in other endurance racers like the bentley speed 8, DTM race cars, LeMans P1/P2 cars.

Thank you in advance for any advice, I have a small collection and would like to expand it, but remember 1:18 only!