Who should pick up Matt Jones in the offseason if the Jaguars release him?



Matt Jones hasn't had the season he expected so far this year. He really hasn't had an impact on the Jax offensive @ all this season, and expectations were a lot higher for the big guy. If the Jags decide to cut him, and he lands in the Free Agent pool.. What NFL team should take a shot on the big freakishly-quick WR? A new team may revive his attitude, and approach to the game... and I think he has PROVEN time, and time again in the past that he can go out and catch a ball. Beefing him up a bit and making him a solid TE might be the best bet for whatever team he plays for also...


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somone with small recievers because he can be the big guy for the deep jump ball you might also be able to get him to play sort of a recieving tight end role

he is huge at 6'6

not saying he will but the giants 2nd reciever is only 6 foot matt jones could help there and they could easily afford him



Matt Jones needs to work harder at his "game". So far far he is one dimentional. He needs to develope. Some coach, or "personnel" guy needs to see what he IS, & find out what he CAN be( not what someone "wants" him to be), and work with him so he can contribute to a team. It boils down to "team needs vs what cn HE do". If he's a "match" take him, if not, don't.


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NE could pick him up. I mean, look how many receivers they have now...

A smarter choice would be a team like Carolina, Atlanta, or Houston, who only really have 1 go-to receiver.