why do people rather buy Toyotas/Hondas/Nissans over safer/faster/better...

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...cars(benz,bmw,porsche)?NOT COUNTING $ why do people rather buy Toyotas/Hondas/Nissans over safer/faster/better cars(benz,bmw,porsche)?NOT COUNTING $.i KNOW A FEW PEOPLE THAT ALMOST DIED AND they had a lancer from 04,seatbelts/airbags didnt work and they had small children in the car!!!Just wanted to know what you think ,it for a speech
Reliability, ease of service, looks, theft (the more expensive the car, the more of a target it is). I personally would never buy a BMW, known of and seen too many late model ones with problems (electrical, engine oil leaks, etc)


Your Benzes, Porsche's etc are for people with unlimited funds or people who want you to THINK they are rich.

The Toyotas etc are for the average person looking for the best value for the dollar.

I'd say you are misinformed if you think the more expensive cars are any "better". They spend more time in the shop than the Japanese cars.