Why is this idiot Mercury Morris getting facetime on ESPN?

Big Ski

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Apparently people forget he is an ex-con and proven to be hopped up on cocaine while playing... asking him about cheating is like asking Barry Bonds about a good tax attorney. That stupid rap he wrote makes me wanna choke someone!


The reason I came on YA was to ask this question. This guy is getting on my nerves. ESPN keeps giving this guy face time. Enough already!!

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Jeffrey K, are you twelve? Thanks for the intelligent comment. Now, I know why you don't no much about the game of football. Did you check your stat book today?


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Because he's the only idiot from the 1972 dolphins that would go on ESPN and say stupid stuff like that ...looks like he would do anything just to get his face on TV...

Zach H

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Because he was on the 72 Dolphins.....Also, ESPN is located in New York and any time a New York team does well ESPN gets all excited and has to give anyone that supports that team as much face time as possible.

I agree that the rap sucks ass

jeffery k

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98% of the money espn makes is on crazy black people who say stupid stuff which hikes up ratings. Rember that summer when they added a 24 hour t/o watch?


Mike R

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I think he's funny, lol. call when you are on my block, call me when you are in my driveway, til then go away. Well mercury, they're at your driveway and about ready to park in the garage. He seems like he's still on coke, lol. And for the record, ESPN is not in NY, it's in Bristol Connecticut, and what the hell would they be bragging about NY teams for anyways. The Patriots are going for the record, the Jets blow, the giants are choke artists, the Mets just had the biggest collapse is recent memory, the Knicks are the biggest joke in the NBA, and the Yankees still can't buy a championship, but thanks for giving the blueprint to the Red Sox so they could have won 2 of the last 4 rings hahhaha. GO SOX!


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The reason this "idiot"(as you put it) gets so much facetime on ESPN is because he's a member of the only undefeated team in NFL history. DUH!