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    Citroen has revealed the new Citroen C2-R2 MAX. The modifications over the standard C2-R2 are chiefly to the engine, which gets an increase in power, more sophisticated suspension, stronger brakes, adjustable rear suspension, and a hydraulic steering rack. “ From the outside, the car looks largely the same, “ commented Alexis Avril, Citroen Sport’s customer competition technical manager. “ The front and rear track are just a little bit wider. The main changes are under the bonnet, with a 1599cc engine that puts out 190 horsepower. “ Last year, the C2-R2 proved its performance on the FIA Junior Championship as well as many different European national championships.


    The car is aimed at motorsport customers, and will be sold in kit form by Citroen Sport's customer division. Before taking to the world's special stages, Simon Jean-Joseph and Sebastien Ogier launched the all-new C2-R2 MAX at Satory’s Val d'Or circuit.

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