The head gasket on my Suzuki Vitara (1996) needs to be replaced: new gasket, topic posted in Suzuki Forum

Discussion in 'Suzuki' started by Dr Plantinga, Jan 18, 2008.

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    new engine or new car? I don't have that much cash.

    I bought the car in Jan last year. Its a Suzuki Vitara 1996 model 4x4 2 litre Turbo Diesel LWB 5 door Auto.

    The head gasket has been a problem since November (with the radiator emptying of water quite quickly), but it drives ok, and has not let me down.

    The mechanic says I'm looking at 700 quid just to change the head gasket and see if anything else is wrong (if there is additional damage it could be up £2000 worth of repairs!)

    The mechanic suggested I would probably be better off getting a new engine put in. Is this a good idea; how much would it cost, and would additional parts have to be fitted alongside the engine? Which ones?

    What shall I do?


    GB question -

    everything else about the car apart from the head gasket issue is fine
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    Hi, and sorry to hear you are having problems with your Vitara TD. Do get it sorted out before it warps the head, or seizes the engine up!
    Check with Club ZULU or similar specialist for pricing on Head Gasket, seems rather dear. If you have had the vehicle for a while and it has history, it is often better the devil you know...
    Check too, that your viscous fan is working properly, and radiator has not got a leak causing the water loss problem, these are both common.
    If you need parts prices let me know, or if you are in the South West UK or Home Counties I can probably point you in the direction of a competitive Suzuki specialist for doing your work.
    Hope this helps, and best regards.
    p.s. have the identical problem with my own Vitara TD!
    Club ZULU

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