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    Bearing, mechanical special words; the name suggests, is rotating axle, or straight linearly moving shaft parts of the machine to support the rotation of the body or a straight line back and forth movement of the body. When the other parts in the shaft relative motion with each other, used to maintain the center of the shaft position and control of the movement of the machine, it is called the china engine bearing. The English word-making complex number of bearings can be interpreted as a special ball, it is the vast majority of the entire bearing, used for sliding with the axis of rotation, and the rotation shaft to minimize the friction generated by the components. However, its meaning is mainly derived from its verb to bear "bear, support" means.

    Many bearings require regular maintenance to prevent premature failure. While some, such as liquid bearings and magnetic bearings may require a small amount of maintenance, most bearings require periodic lubrication and cleaning during high cycle operations and may need to be adjusted to minimize the effects of has prepared the Chinese engine bearing.

    Unsealed china engine bearing often have a grease nipple, lubricated regularly with grease guns, or oil cups filled regularly with oil. Prior to the 1970s, the seal bearings were not encountered, most of the machinery, oiling lubrication is a more common than today's activities. For example, the need to "lubricate the job" almost always changes engine oil, but today's car chassis car chassis is mostly a sealed life. From the late 18th century through the mid-1900s, the industry relied on many workers to call regular oiling machinery and oil tanks.

    China engine bearing life by the usual clean and good lubrication to great influence. However, many engineering application limitations make maintenance difficult.

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