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    We take a taxi, or take the car, it may often encounter such a group of friends, on and off the china auto door when the force with the big, "biang" so soon, I feel the car should be shaking. This injury in the end does not hurt the car?

    You know the upper part of the iron gate is glass, hollow, and only outside a frame and the following piece of iron, it is the body of the door.

    In this china auto door below the glass, which put a lot of small metal inside a lot of things, what window lifts, door locks, speakers, crash beam, a little better there are waterproof car, soundproof layer, the more high-end car Of course, the more things inside.

    You close the heavy, off the powerful, most likely inside the component, it will occur a slight displacement, engage in a bad there may be problems.

    So I suggest that friends, the effort also do not have to deliberately to control, different cars want to close the china auto door lock strength, the requirements are different.If your door is bad, you can come to Gasgoo to buy.

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