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    Ignition coil if the use of improper use, will cause damage to the ignition coil, it should be noted that the following: to prevent the ignition coil heat or moisture; do not run the engine when the ignition switch; often check, clean, tighten the circuit connector, to avoid short circuit orPlease login to see links and more information. on the water can only be wiped with a cloth, must not use the fire baking, otherwise it will damage the ignition coil.

    Spark plug maintenance:

    Spark plug function and characteristics: the role of the spark plug is the ignition coil generated by the pulse of high voltage into the combustion chamber, the use of electrodes generated by the spark ignition mixture to complete the combustion.

    The domestic spark plug model consists of three parts or letters. The preceding number indicates the diameter of the thread, such as the number 1, that the thread diameter is 10mm, the middle of the letter that the spark plug into the cylinder part of the length; the last digit that spark plug heat type: 1-3 for the heat type, 5,6 for Medium, more than 7 for the cold typePlease login to see links and more information..

    Spark plug "gap" is its main technical indicators, the gap is too large, the ignition coil and the distributor of high voltage is difficult to skip, resulting in the engine starting difficult; such as the gap is too small, will lead to weak spark, and prone to leakage.

    Check the spark plug:

    1, the demolition: the spark plug on the high-pressure sub-line in turn removed, and in the original position to mark, so as not to install dislocation. Remove the dust and debris from the spark plug hole in advance to prevent the debris from falling into the cylinder. Disassemble the spark plug sleeve with a spark plug, remove the sleeve and remove it in turn.

    2, check: spark plug electrode normal color is gray, such as the electrode burned with carbon deposition, then there is a fault. Check the spark plug and the cylinder conduction, with the central high-voltage line to contact the spark plug terminal, and then open the ignition switch to observe the high voltage electric jump position. Such as the jump position in the spark plug gap, then the role of spark plugs good, otherwise, that is necessary to change Please login to see links and more information..

    Spark plug electrode gap adjustment: a variety of models of spark plug clearance are different, generally should be between 0.7-0.9, check the gap size, available spark plug gauge or thin metal sheet. If the gap is too large, you can use the screwdriver gently tapping the external electrode, so that the gap is normal; gap is too small, you can use the screwdriver or metal sheet inserted into the electrode outside the pull.

    Spark plug replacement: spark plug is easy to consume parts, the general driving 20000-30000 km that should be replaced. The spark plug is replaced by a sign that is not flashing, or the electrode discharge part is rounded by ablation. In addition, if found in the use of spark plugs often coke, off the fire, usually because the spark plug too cold, need to use hot spark plug; if hot ignition or the impact of the cylinder sound, you need to use cold spark plug.

    Spark plug clean: spark plugs have oil or coke should be promptly cleaned, but do not use the flame barbecue. If the ceramic core is damaged and broken, it should be replaced.

    The maintenance of the distributor:

    Cleaning: usually use a rag to wipe the distributor cover and sub-fire head, and check for damage or crack. If the center electrode of the carbon rod or spring damage or failure, should replace the distributor cover.

    Contact grinding: the contacts of the distributor after a period of use, the surface will appear uneven, so that the impact of ignition timing, or bad spark, or cause the engine idle instability, acceleration is not good, or even unable to start When the sandpaper used to polish, until the removal of the signs on the ablation.

    Contact clearance adjustment: use the starting handle to turn the engine crankshaft, and then release the fixing screw, the appropriate thickness of the thick sheet (0.35 ~ 0.45mm) inserted in the contact, with a screwdriver to adjust the screw, The resistance is appropriate, and then tighten the screws and check again.

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