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    Automotive wiring harness is a key component of automotive electrical system is an important part of automotive circuits, automotive electrical systems in the main role is to convey the energy signal transmission. Can be said that no china wiring harness, there is no car electrical system, wiring harness is an important vehicle electrical system carrier.

    Today, information technology, the rapid development of electronic, has spread to the traditional automotive field. The china wiring harness is widely used in all kinds of electrical equipment because of its convenient installation. From the traditional automobile to the intelligent automobile and new energy automobile, the electrification degree of the automobile is more and more high.

    It is reported that the traditional diesel locomotives with more than 2km of the wire, mainly in the top lights, door lights, turn signals and a variety of car lights, etc., and the main power line like a ground wire, the engine hub is the main application of automotive wiring harness field. In the traditional diesel locomotives on the thread on the number of up to 2000, and in high-end cars, there are more than 4000 contacts. In the popular electric vehicle, it is more than a traditional diesel locomotive an electric drive system, so compared with ordinary cars also need more high-voltage china wiring harness to connect the various units in the circuit.

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