Below is the vehicle specific wiring diagram for a remote start, security system and keyless entry install in a 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey. This information is for guidance purposes only. We recommend that a certified tech install the system. Make sure all connections are good and use necessary tools.

ItemWire ColorPolarityWire Location
12VwhitePositive (+)ignition harness
Starterblack/whitePositive (+)ignition harness
Starter 2none
Ignitionblack/yellowPositive (+)ignition harness
2nd IgnitionyellowPositive (+)ignition harness
3rd Ignitionnone
Accessorywhite/blackPositive (+)ignition harness
Accessory 2none
Tachometerblueabove the brake master [2]
Power Door (Lock) for
[Negative (-)] Door Lock
black/whiteNegative (-)green 6-pin plug [1]
Power Door (Unlock) for
[Negative (-)] Door Unlock
green/redNegative (-)green 6-pin plug [1]
Door Triggerblack/whiteNegative (-)domelight on/off switch
Dome Supervision for
[Negative (-)] Dome
lt. greenNegative (-)domelight on/off switch
Headlightsblue/redNegative (-)steering column
Parklight Positivered/blackPositive (+)10-pin plug [1]
Parklight Negativenone
Wipersblue and blue/yellowNegative (-)steering column
Left Front Window
red/blu – red/yeldrivers window motor
Right Front Window
blu/wht – blu/yelRF window switch
Left Rear Window
grn/red – grn/yelALR window switch
Right Rear Window
red/blu – red/yelARR window switch
Trunk/Hatch Pintied in with door
Hood Pinyellow/redNegative (-)right of steering column
Trunk/Hatch Release for
[] Trunk/Hatch
Factory Alarm
Factory Alarm
blueNegative (-)DDM in driver door
Hornlt. green/blueNegative (-)steering column
Brakewhite/blackPositive (+)brake pedal switch
Door Motor
white/redgreen 10-pin plug [1]
Door Motor
lt. green/redgreen 10-pin plug [1]
Disarmlt. green/redgreen 14-pin plug [1]
Disarm No Unlocknone
Additional Info:
This vehicle has an immobilizer system that needs to be bypassed when adding remote start. [1] The plug is located at the bottom of the fuse box. [2] In a 2-pin test connector. [3] The PCM is located in the center console. The speed sense is located in a 32-pin plug.