Nissan’s Murano is one of the best looking crossovers on the market today, and thanks to a combination of solid performance, smartly deigned interior and plenty of technology options, it’s also one of my favorites. If you want to grab one of these impressive machines, I suggest you head to your local Nissan dealer as fast as possible. Nissan has just release details on the new 2016 model, and the car remains essentially unchanged, except for a $100 price increase across all models.

So, take my advice and jump on a sweet deal for a 2015 that needs to be cleared off the lot to make room for the new 2016 cars.

If you prefer to have the newest car possible, and don’t mind missing out on those savings, here is the full official pricing list from Nissan for all the 2016 models and trim levels.


2016 Nissan Murano Official MSRP

Murano S FWD $29,660 USD

Murano SV FWD $32,720 USD

Murano SL FWD $37,050 USD

Murano Platinum FWD $39,100 USD

Murano S AWD $31,260 USD

Murano SV AWD $34,320 USD

Murano SL AWD $38,650 USD

Murano Platinum AWD $40,700 USD


So there you have it. From a price of under 30k, all the way up to the $40k+ mark, there are a lot of variations of Murano for your perusal. But seriously, grab one of the 2015s that are sure to be on sale. You’ll save a ton of cash, and you’ll never tell a difference between it and the 2016 cars.

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