For the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year, Acura will bring a bonkers NSX EV Concept racer to the mountain. Unimaginatively called the “Acura 4 Motor EV Concept”, this thing will be running in the Electric Modified class with 4 motors, one for each wheel. The benefit of this is the best possible torque-vectoring, which basically means the exact amount of power needed can be applied separately to each wheel. It’s extra-super-effective AWD. Massive aero will also help this beast conquer the hill, seeing as that front splitter could probably seat 6 dinner guests.

Last year Honda ran a CR-Z EV hill climb car, and this seems to just be that with a new body. The body though, I think everyone will agree, is much better looking than a CR-Z. The only real difference is the new NSX-esque car is making three times the amount of power of the CR-Z that ran last year. Although Acura doesn’t specify exactly what it might be. What we do know is that Honda let some folks drive a road-ready Four-Motor CRZ that was making around 200 horsepower. So this new NSX is tackling the mountain with at least 600 ponies on tap.

Acura EV Pikes Peak Concept (2)

Seeing as the CR-Z won the Exhibition Class last year, though, with a time of 10:23.829, this new concept should be all out insane. Maybe even fast enough to break the 10-minute barrier, although I don’t expect it to come close to challenging for an overall win. Current mountain record holder Rhys Millen is coming with an EV of his own that is packing some 1400 horsepower.

If you want to see this thing in action, along with many other hillclimb cars, check out the 100th year of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 26th.

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