While BMW is busy destroying the hopes and dreams of auto enthusiasts everywhere by killing the manual transmission option for the M5 and M6, Aston Martin is swooping in to save the day in the most wonderful way imaginable. The Vantage V12 S is going to be offered with a clutch again, and it’s a seven-speed box, and it has dog-leg gating. Yeah, it’s basically the best car that has ever been made in the world. Ever.

For several years, Aston Martin was the only company offering a V12 with a third pedal, but with the latest iteration of the Vantage V12, they finally killed the option, forcing buyers into their automated transmission. Aston has now seen the error of their ways, and for the 2017 car, their most powerful Vantage ever sold will be available with a proper clutch pedal. The 6.0-liter V12 in the Vantage S is rated at 565 horsepower, enough grunt to blast to 60 in less than four seconds, and top speed is quoted at a ludicrous 205 mph.

There is one caveat however. This will be a very limited run of machines with only 100 slated for US arrival. If you want to own the only new car that you can buy with a V12 and a third pedal, you better call Aston as soon as you can. I am sure these won’t last very long.