Lamborghini wasn’t the only company that decided to arrive at Frankfurt topless. The Prancing Horse arrived at the German motor show with its freshly announced 488 Spider for its first official public unveiling. Ferrari’s latest mid-engine supercar, the 488 GTB, is being hailed as the companies greatest to date, so it is expected that its drop-top sibling will carry forward the same torch of excellence.

The Ferrari 488 Spider makes use of the same 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 found in the coupe, and it produces the same 660 horsepower. The weight penalty for the convertible roof is around 100 pounds, but Ferrari claims that no performance has been lost due to the extra heft. Zero to 60 happens in three seconds flat, 125 mph blowing by in less than nine seconds. Top speed for this Italian monster is 203 mph, which makes it faster than the new Huracan Spyder.

Gallery: 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider