The era of the naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 has finally come to a close, and the new turbocharged darling of Maranello is getting ready to hit the sales floor and garages of wealthy people world wide. To prepare for the coming influx of orders, Ferrari has posted up the online configuration tool for the new 488 GTB, and it is so comprehensive and anal retentive in fashions that I can’t help but love it.

Starting with the exterior, while you are choosing your shade of paint, Ferrari has included a light angle meter that will allow you to adjust how high the light source is in the frame so you can see just how the sun will reflect off your car’s new paint as is travels on its arc through the heavens. The same level of detail goes for the wheels where you can see them straight, at a turned angle and while rolling.

The various options and choices do feel a little small to me, but if you want to hop on and dream about what would make your ideal mid-engine Prancing Horse, there is a lot of fun to be had with this tool.

You can try it out here.