Ever since VW was caught cheating emissions, the word “diesel” has gained a reputation as dirty and foul. The scandal of the century has almost single handedly ruined diesel engines for everyone. Now production diesel engines are under extreme scrutiny when it comes to emissions, both in the EU and here in the States.

Ford however doesn’t seem to care, unveiling a new two-liter “EcoBlue” diesel engine that out performs the old 2.2-liter engine in every regard thanks to new technology like offset crankshafts, aerospace aluminum turbo pieces, and mirror image porting. All of this allows for less internal friction, resulting in more power and better economy. All of this is done while still out performing the stricter emissions testing that the UN has imposed for 2016. Ford says it is a complete clean sheet design, and it will easily pass the most stringent of emissions tests.

We can expect to see these in Ford commercial vehicles first, such as the Transit van, available in varying horsepower from 105 to 170. Later on the engine will hit passenger cars and we expect to see them available with 200 to 240 horsepower. A 240 horsepower Focus ST Diesel sounds pretty wild if you ask me.

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