Around the start of September 2012, Ford Motor Company will hit a workforce milestone inside South Africa. Driven by the successful demand of the all-new Ranger pickup, 800 new positions will be created so that the truck can continue to build. Both the Silverton Assembly Plant and the Struandale Engine Plant are responsible for the global hauler and each will receive a wealth of helpful hands and earn extra shifts along the way.

“The customers have spoken, and they want more of the quality, cost and capability offered by our Ranger pickup trucks,” said Jeff Nemeth, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA). In order to keep production capacity up, the engine plant will open a third shift while the assembly plant will start a second one. Just last year, the multi-billion dollar expansions of the South African plants were completed for the purpose of the Ranger. The added workforce began training in June and they will begin clocking in starting September 3, 2012.

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Source: Ford