Ford may be a member of the Big Three but their hold in Europe, especially England, is just as great as inside America. For the past eight decades, the automaker’s Dagenham engine plant located in East London has been pumping out powerplants and recently, the facility hit another production milestone. Placed under the hood of a Fiesta ECOnetic and packing 1.6 liters of fuel-efficient fury was the 40 millionth engine built at Dagenham.

“Dagenham producing 40 million engines is a significant milestone for Ford’s biggest UK site,” said Joe Greenwell, Ford Britain Chairman. Currently the largest Ford plant in the United Kingdom, Dagenham has built some Europe’s most famous powerplants. With the ability to produce up to 1 million engines a year, the facility is currently occupied by the recently released 1.6 TDCi diesel. Holding the ability to return up to 85.6 mpg under the hood of the Fiesta ECOnetic, the ultra low emissions mill also can be found in the European Focus, C-Max, Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy.

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Source: Ford