The humble Ford Mustang is now the world leader in two door sports cars according to sales figures from IHS. No longer is this pony an American sensation, it’s now offered in 140 markets across the world, and the Mustang was the only sports coupe to break the 100,000 unit mark last year.

Even though Ford had limited availability in major markets like the UK, they broke the mold with these sales models of around 110,000 coupes and close to 30,000 convertibles. Data from 2015 is suggesting that the Mustang has room to continue flourishing overseas as markets take delivery of more Mustangs with the growling V8 leading the foreign market, and stateside millennials favoring the 2.3 liter EcoBoost.

The numbers get even more impressive when you start breaking it down by area and model. In the United Kingdom, the Mustang only went on sale in the fourth quarter but still managed 3,500 sales. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, KBA, the Mustang topped all other sports coupe sales in the German market, with most touting the V8. Germany also takes top honors for convertible sales, with one in three Mustangs boasting the cloth top.

Down Under in Australia, the Mustang became the best-selling sports coupe in just three months, and it’s sold out through 2017. New Zealand is also buying every Mustang it can find, with 90-percent coming with the mighty 5.0 under the hood.

Here on home turf, the Mustang sold more than the Camaro and Challenger combined. Those two only managed 12,563 and 12,248 sales respectively. Up north in Canada, the Mustang has outsold its Chevy counterpart every year since 1985. Head south and sales in the Mexican market nearly tripled, coming up 176% against last year’s model.

In short, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the best way to have fun in a two-door is with the Ford Mustang.

Written by: Gabe Ford