Welcome to a new segment of Autotalk.com called Forum Friday. This is where the most popular discussions inside the forum of Autotalk are brought out of hiding and on to the main stage.

1. http://www.autotalk.com/forums/general-discussions/fuel-saving-tips-10046/

“Fuel Saving Tips.” In this thread, the art of hyper-mileing reigns supreme. If you are looking to save fuel mileage, look no further. Some tips include taking it “easy” on the brakes in order to save as much “energy” as possible. Keeping your tires maintained and properly inflated to reduce rolling resistance is also a valid suggestion. One poster even mentions modifying your car with lighter wheels and a free-flowing exhaust in order to make your vehicle run more efficiently.

Do you need a Nissan Leaf to get great fuel mileage?

2. http://www.autotalk.com/forums/tips-tricks/how-many-times-car-needs-inspection-10044/

“How Many Times Does a Car Need an Inspection.” This is a solid debate and brings up the question, “whose responsibility is it to inspect a vehicle?” Does this task fall into the hands of the owner or should the dealer/manufacturer/state be the one to insure that a car is running right? Not all states have an inspection process and allow for all sorts of “things” to roam the streets. This is why a lot of folks on Autotalk feel that the owner should do their duty and make sure that their vehicle is fit enough for the road on a daily basis. Some people suggested to simply check a vehicle’s fluids during fill ups. If a simple act like this could be performed by the majority of the masses, could this eliminate the need for a third-party inspection?

Inspect your vehicle daily so this doesn’t happen to you.

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